Yes, the opera can be experienced in Virtual Reality headsets and on giant screens too.

A modality for presenting the opera at a Festival could be that what one person sees in their headset can be projected on a screen and a good sound system. In this way, other people can gather around and experience the person with the headset’s interpretation of the opera (making decisions of movements and timings), much like watching someone else playing a video game. 

Another way could be to have a room with a few virtual reality headsets that the audience can visit with the help of an assistant that will be in charge of explaining to them the correct use of the headset, assisting them, and in control of the hygiene of the environment and the equipment. In this case, the experience is limited by time to allow more people to see the opera. 

More ideas and possibilities to experience CITIZEN 4 VR are always welcome!

Alexandra Cárdenas

composer/programmer/improviser/live coder/algoraver