Composer / Electronics

Alexandra Cardenas work focuses on the algorithmic behavior of music and the exploration of musicality within code. She’s a core member of the international live coding and algorave communities and performs and teaches worldwide. She has also created varied works for ensembles, orchestras, and soloists, focusing on stochastic processes and generative techniques. Her interest in diluting boundaries between disciplines has brought her to collaborate with diverse artists in fields like visuals, theater, performance, robotics, virtual reality, literature, and dance. 



The libretto is written by the Argentinian writer, journalist, programmer, and digital artist based in Berlin, Milton Läufer who has created well-known work on computational literature. 

Male Voice and Electronics

Japanese composer and performer Tomomi Adachi also based in Berlin, is in charge of the protagonist role, which can be Snowden at times and will personify the machine-mind, the collective AI subconscious, and the individual itself, who can become a powerful force of change with the intensity of their capacity of choosing. 

Female Voice

Soprano Imma Masramon from Barcelona embodies the feminine forces that act on Snowden, not only his mother and wife but his sense of empathy and care for others. 


German accordionist Eva Zöllner will carry the story of Snowden.  The story that brought him to make such a difficult decision.  His morale, his ethics, his strength, and his intelligence. And the bravery required to continue to be alive to teach others about digital human rights and take self-responsibility for the uncertain future of us all.

Bass Trombone

Canadian trombonist Felix del Tredici  Will represent the press, the journalism, the news, what we hear, what is announced, the media, and the way our culture makes us perceive the messages.

Technician artist

Italian designer and technical artist, Marco Modena 

Marco Modena is a Digital Designer based in Verona (Italy). He is an executive manager in Algoritmi’s Hubs projects: TheDome, TheCircle, Algo24. Working as a 3D Architectural Visualizer and Graphic Design Consultant. In June 2020, he taught Blender tips and tricks inside Hubs for ACADEMY 2020: an Algoritmi & UXR Project. From March 2020, he is a Technical Artist for Algoritmi. He bridges the gap between technicians and artists, helping them solve technical problems with an artistic twist.


Deva Schubert, dancer, and choreographer based in Berlin. 


Antonio Salinas, Mexican dancer, choreographer, and stage actor, and director.


Maya Quattrini, Italy. Actress/singer


Arturo Fuentes, Composer, Mexico

José Manuel Berenguer, Composer, Spain

Elizaveta Dzutseva, stage designer, Russia

Enea LeFons, VR technician, Italy

Luis Fernando Medina, Professor on art and new technologies, Arts Faculty, National University, Bogota, Colombia

Alexandra Cárdenas

composer/programmer/improviser/live coder/algoraver